DUNDU - Gemeinsam in Bewegung

DUNDU steht für DU UND DU und ist der Name der Großfiguren von Tobias Husemann, die für emotionale
Showinszenierungen weltweit eingesetzt werden. Der Name ist dabei die gelebte Philosophie und der Betrachter bist DU. DUNDU nutzt die Freiheit der Kunst mit der Idee, etwas zu tun, das keinen Zwängen und Verboten unterliegt.
Eine Lichtgestalt, deren Bedeutung erst im Zusammenspiel der Menschen entsteht und einen Freiraum für die eigene Fantasie und Projektionen öffnet. Ein musikalisches, interaktives und faszinierendes Erlebnis bei dem Puppenspieler in Harmonie mit der Live-Musik einen gemeinsamen Atem finden.

The roots

Dundu means Du und Du (engl. You and You) and is an art project based in Stuttgart. Five puppet players steer and handle the puppet simultaneously and  bring life to Dundu. Only the collective is able to move Dundu and a smooth movement requires effective communication and collaboration.

We have been travelling with this project all over Europe - from different music- and art festivals to galas and demonstrations and bring magic to the crowds. Dundu takes the spectators on a magical journey of and the unique openness of the constructions inspires the imagination. This liberty is the wanted result: The deepest experience in art is caused when the spectator discovers himself – a mirror

Touching and getting touched

I discovered  for myself the following two layers of Dundu.

Getting touched happens for a lot of spectators that get really inspired by the experience of Dundu. Dundu raises emotions in them and shares magical moments far away from the daily routine. In these moments the players step totally behind Dundu and the spectator just watches the puppet move, how Dundu illuminates and laughs and it does not just seem that they are looking into his eyes. These are winks the whole group is seeking for - which are only possible if there is harmony on a second layer. Touching.
We are interconnected via Dundu and only through effective collaboration and communication it is possible to touch the people emotionally. This is a very interesting interaction, because we melt together with the Kora music to something that is bigger than the individual parts. Especially on our journeys as walking acts, we experience flow moments quite frequently: To merge with our lovely task.
The basic requirement is trust that permits an emotional connectivity.